A Few Words About Us

India Eat is a meaningful venture working towards the health and wellbeing of Indian folks, especially the working brigade. Our sole purpose lies in infusing the working community of the country with absolute nutrition of fresh fruits, transforming them into energized, rejuvenated and committed work force. Thus, propelling the organizations towards success and nation towards healthier lifestyles. At the helm, India Eat is equipped with a team of go-getter youth who are committed to provide the clients with top quality fruits in lowest possible effort, and to help them lead healthy and productive work lives. The idea and absolute vision behind India Eat is a better and healthier generation ready to build a strong nation. We strive to be the spearheading suppliers of healthy and fresh fruits at workplaces while encouraging well-nourished staff. Nutrition based fruit servings are a huge step towards cost effective employee wellness initiative which is easy, hassle free and a smart choice at the same time. Our absolute commitment lies in delivering as promised. Fresh, high quality, nutrition based different fruit every day. If the deliveries are not up to the mark or as per the commitment, our valued customers are entitled to cancel their order at any point they wish. India Eat is not just a venture, it is an inspiration, a thought towards a better, healthier and happier life. I life permeated with wholesomeness of fresh fruits.

Why Choose Us

Guaranteed Fresh Fruit

If your fruit box is not smelling as fresh as orchard fruit, we give your money back. We believe in honest commitments.

Free Doorstep Delivery

We bring you fresh fruit right where you are, and absolutely free of delivery charge. Goodness delivery must not have a fee to it. As per your company policy, we deliver at the office gate or at the employee desk, whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Delivery Frequency

There is absolutely no stipulation on serving frequency. You can order whenever you want, be it for a week, for two weeks and for a month too..

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